Reptile Kid From Pluto

Isn’t that a beautiful sight? The blue colour of the graffiti tears you into the picture like the blue sky on a hot Summer day.

But this is Winter; Corona Winter. And it’s on a mission to make us insane.

Well, this is what I listen to when I hear or read the media lamenting about lockdown, restrictions and the hate between deniers and agreers.

Then I’m asking myself: Am I really that strange? Because I don’t feel restricted or trapped in or mentally broken. Not in the slightest way.

Because I basically freed myself just one and a half years ago. I’m comfortable in my own world. There is so much to do, so much to read, so much to see, so much to write.

And other people feeling bored? Because they can’t party in sweaty bars while drinking themselves almost to death? Because they can’t fly out of the country every second month because home apparently is boring?

The funny thing is that the ones complaining mostly are the racist nationalists. So, if Germany is so great, why do you have to drink yourself into a coma to forget about everything? Why do you need to fly out to people you hate so much?

Corona Winter is a strange fellow. It illuminates all the ridiculousness of the human kind.

So, who am I in this world? The reptile kid from Pluto?

        © Dominik Alexander / 2021


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