Praha. Karlův most

This world is colourful
I can see you
You’ve sent me a smile
I don’t know you
Does it matter?
Your jacket is red
Your eyes are blue
You’ve got a heart of gold
I can touch you
Feel you
With my eyes
With my fingertips
With my soul
I can breathe those colours
They taste like minestrone in June
The blue from the sky
Drips under my skin
Illuminates my face
Makes me fly;
This world is colourful
And living.

This world appears black and white
I’m thinking
I’m not speaking
Because it’s too easy
To be wrong
Being on the bad side
Being wrong is bad
Being right is impossible
There are shadows
That’s our true self
We show to the world
The real self
We’ve put into a shelf
Thrown the key into the abyss
This black hole
Without light
The key can’t be separated
From darkness;
This world appears black and white
The shadows have to choose
One side or the other.

© Dominik Alexander / 2021

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