Faking Tears At Ten

Working through the night
Makes for a jet lag feeling
At the very next day
        W e n n     e s     d r a u ß e n     f l o c k t
        W e n n     d e r     A t e m     s t o c k t

Shivers down the spine
Turning your headache downwards
To the bees in twilight
        W e n n     d i e     S o n n e     b r e n n t
        W e n n     d a s     K l e i n k i n d     f l e n n t

Faking tears at ten
Lying in bed too late for
All the pain without heart
        W e r     u n s     t r o t z d e m     l i e b t
        W e n n     d e r     T r a u m     s i c h     t r ü b t

        © Dominik Alexander / 2021

© Vishnu Vijayan (image)

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