It’s in your DNA

        [ A ] is like ATTRACTION { —
Seeing someone
Knowing instantly
He is him
She is her
The missed half
Now no longer searched for
He is here
She is shivering
Into your life
        — }

        [ T ] is like TEMPERAMENT { —
Feeling someone
Fingertips longing for each other
Electricity not needed
Because creating it
Is so much more
        — }

        [ C ] is like CLARIFICATION { —
Missing someone
When he is gone
When she is not with you
For not too long
But every second without
Feels like an hour
This is
When you know
This is the one
        — }

        [ G ] is like GLORIFICATION { —
Living with someone
Finally breathing
Existing no more
But knowing
The bad days
Are so much brighter now
When you can share them
With love
        — }

        © Dominik Alexander / 2021

© Gerd Altmann (image)

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  1. Beautiful, you said it all

    Liked by 1 person

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