Running Against the Time On Earth

When we buy the best fitting jogging shoes
When we run against the time
We don’t do it for ourselves
Or our body
Not even our mind —

We do it for the smartphones
For the fitness apps
For social media
For the virtual community
Where more and more hate is spreading —

The so-called haters
Are just other media junkies
Trying to be best
On the app —

But are not —

At the very best
They are second best
But at least one other junkie
Is always better —

Or the app
There is one
Perhaps it’s just a bot
And the algorithm is playing games
Because in case you might be best
One day
Wouldn’t you just stop running?

ONE DAY I get angry
When I’m sitting on my balcony
Watching people
But they don’t see me back
Because they only recognise
What’s going on in their smartphones;

ONE DAY I feel like laughing
When I’m watching young men running
Up and down the track
Sweating like a fish in its bowl
Second after second
Glancing over onto their smartphones
Checking for updates
For the big ten-thousand in steps
Or the huge twenty in miles;

ONE DAY it makes me sad
That this terrible toy
Is dominating the life
Of so many
Once interesting people.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2021

© Hugo Hercer (image)

3 Comments Add yours

  1. This post is a good Eye opener


    1. Thank you. What do you feel when you think about smartphones?


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