Pond in the Wilderness

Nature marginalized and the pond covered in green. It’s laying besides nature and nature and nature and the pulsating city. A wind blows through trees so green – hardly to stand for the eye; hardly to even imagine, it’s real. Green, they say, is poisonous.

When I arrived, it was beautifully calm. No word was heard, no human voice at all. When I sat down on the bench, the first human noises arrived, too.

I went to nature to enjoy the calmness, to set my mind free, to come to peace with my inner fear that projects into the future. What will happen then? Next week. When I’ll be made to sleep? When I will awake again? How will it feel? How will I feel?

I’d like to enjoy the frogs quack in the pond, making love perhaps or just enjoying being frogs.

I’d like to enjoy the nature. But I can’t. there are too many human voices here.

I have to move on.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2021

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