L O O K I N G   is the only way I allow myself to drool about the pleasures of life

the soul whispers
with disgust and pain
because it never really is
connected with earth
with the body
that holds its breath
high plain drifter
under the sky
above the clouds

L O O K I N G   through the hour glass while brushing my teeth late at night

early in the morning
where does this time fly to
or is it just passing by
one stone to sit on
there are voices in the distance
while the sun sets itself out of sight again

L O O K I N G   along the crowded street wishing it was empty

only the birds are singing
feeling the fresh air
of water in the distance
so long ago
back at night
in the last dream of longing sorrow
too long ago
that sorrow isn’t just one momentary feeling
a glimpse of life
not just a moment
and it’s gone
it’s a way of life
the essence
the meaning of life
longing for something
that has never been
that will never be

L O O K I N G   at the last day of freedom

people don’t think they have it
until they lose it
it’s election day
people think it’s a good sign
that many people take
their right to vote
but i have seen them
their angry faces
their non-greeting habit
their masks placing accurately under their noses
their comments of distrust
i know what they have voted for

L O O K I N G   at the tv shows afterwards

Already (in my mind)
I know what they will be like
The media will be shocked and disgusted
Once again
Nobody would have known this
Who could have possibly seen this coming?
Anybody with a brain I guess
Anybody with eyes to see
Anybody with ears to listen

L O O K I N G   at the results after counting back home in my living room

Will be frightening
It will be terrible
I might be angry

L O O K I N G   out of my window then

I would be hoping
That it would be yesterday again
It would be all dark.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2021

© Free-Photos (image)

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