Loneliness In a Winter Wonderland Isn’t Lonely

Only seldom this occasion occurs
  When you wonder
    While you wander
      In a winter wonderland

Feeling the icy breathing of the snow
  Crawling under your skin
    Filling your body with the tickling of cold pickles
      What I mean isn’t really pickles
        But it rhymes
          So it’s fine

While I wander
  I still wonder
    Why people are able to feel lonely
      In such beauty
        Of white powder snow
          When clouds of breathing
            Circle around my nose
              That’s possibly turned red
                But I’m still not fed
                  Up of the cold
                    Neither the snow
                      Nor the icy water

Climbing up on the hill
  Letting my view circle
    Over the tree tops
      Right down to the rooftops
        Of some houses in a far distance

Loneliness up here
  Is nothing but a bad childhood story
    Lonely up here
      Is everything I dream of.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2021

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