Thoughts Are Like Treasures

Thoughts are like treasures
They are kept within
The mind
When they aren’t written

When they aren’t transformed into words
When they aren’t spoken to someone
When they aren’t shared with another mind

For the longest time
I wasn’t able to write
Putting my thoughts onto paper
There are words inside of me
That struggle to find their way
From my mind to the outside world
Into this world
Full of prejudices
Full of measurements
Funny little boxes
They fit into

My thoughts aren’t made for boxes
They are made for a world
Without horizons
Without walls
For my thoughts
Only the sky is the limit
And this sky is
Neither black
Nor white
Nor grey

You might
Not always like
What I say

And I don’t like
Always to say
What I think
Not because
I think
I’m not allowed to make it public
But I believe
Some thoughts
Are too precious
To be transformed into words

Thoughts are too precious
To be left alone
They have to be kept within
Like an unborn child
That still has to grow
Into something bigger
Or simply kept within forever
Because the outside world
Wouldn’t understand
It would beat it
Torture it
Stomp on it
Kick it off their one-way-roads
Right into the mud
Onto the outside world
Into oblivion

Some thoughts
I keep within
Where they are safe
Where they are kept warm
And being loved.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2021

© Colleen O’Dell (image)

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