Global Teapot

Words are floating down the SOUTHern hemisphere
Troublesome the mind might melting
Into a global teapot

Beware of the spices of the NORTH
Watch out
There is a witch flying
It comes with the snowflakes from the EAST
To celebrate an immensely terrifying feast —

Watch out and hide behind the fence
But in the end it makes no difference
If you are blind or not to be seen
When the storm in the global teapot
Is blowing itself to the WESTern shores —

It patches its wings against the Atlantic
Moving back and forth
It creates the scenes we don’t even want to watch in movies —

Imagine a boy in rural NORTH2 Korea
Living under the yelling of the military dogs
He won’t even know about Ukraine
Or Yemen
He has no idea that Putin might exist —

And still when I’m standing
On top of the hill on the melting pot periphery of the SOUTH2
I’m feeling the same breeze on my skin
That has touched the skin of some lonely boy
A few days ago
And thousands of miles in the EAST2
Touched but separated
Touched and moved
Back to the peaceful WEST2

Thinking about someone I don’t know
But know in equal measures
This is the power of the global teapot

We’re all in it together
We’re creating that storm
One by one by one by one
It’s coming from the NORTH3
It’s coming from the SOUTH3
It’s coming from the EAST3
It’s coming from the WEST3

That storm is creating a force
But where is it leading to?

        © Dominik Alexander / 2022

© debowscyfoto (image)

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