as for tomorrow

sorrow isn’t a word that i should bring into consideration
frustration shortens the day
lay your hand upon my shoulder to lead you back home
come for me fighting until there is a sunset to watch
catch the first beam of a new day with hope
cope with your work with a smile around your lips
scripts don’t fall from the sky, my dear friend
attend the next opportunity to earn what didn’t work before
at its core everything is worth fighting for
ashore there is a rhythm of life you can’t escape
shape your mindset bit by bit out of the shadows
meadows are there for running barefoot into the future
nurture your feelings that make you being human
it’s true, man, we can’t resist going forward
shoreward the winds and waves awake your dreams
seems like shadows are there to follow
as for tomorrow
i might return.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2023

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