{FOR THE LIVING} a dead society

1 {Most humans are made by society}
2 {By the environment they live in}
3 {By the way people talk}

    4.1 {Curious as children}
    4.2 {Very soon they learn}
    4.3 {It’s better to swim with the fish}
    4.4 {To get the daily dish}
    4.5 {Being satisfied this way}
    4.6 {At the fisherman’s bay}

    5.1 {Victims to not caring parents}
    5.2 {Other humans pampered and spoiled}
    5.3 {It’s a world of illusion}
    5.4 {In a state of confusion}
    5.5 {When we start to learn}
    5.6 {It’s never gonna be our turn}

    6.1 {The good people of money}
    6.2 {Soon appear to be evil}
    6.3 {Their vestures of cashmere}
    6.4 {Make for a most uncomfortable atmosphere}
    6.5 {And their shiny white teeth}
    6.6 {Make me heavily breathe}

    7.1 {There are rules and laws}
    7.2 {For us ordinary people}
    7.3 {They work as boundaries}
    7.4 {Chain us up to the knees}
    7.5 {Bending the law}
    7.6 {That’s a rich man’s draw}

8 {Some humans are able to weasel}
9 {Through a life created by them}
0 {At the expense of horses and sheep}

        © Séamus Kennan / 2017

Hubbrücke Magdeburg

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