Waiting for a moment
Waiting together
For a light seen
Through four eyes
Thinking and waiting
Waiting while thinking
Arm around her shoulder
Like he does for years
One moment of silence
One moment of peace
Waiting for each other
While sitting together
Waiting in a moment
Waiting for that light
Waiting for the very moment
When time is standing still
Waiting for the waiting time
When the statue is a statue no more
But a real goddess
Waiting for an idea to become reality
When one moment and one moment and one moment
Is still one moment
Waiting for the time flying
Waiting for the time pass
Waiting for that time to come
For that moment together
Waiting to get older
Waiting to think alike a little more
Waiting to understand each other without spoken words
Waiting to understand the thoughts of that statue
Waiting to read the memory of stone
Waiting to get young again
Waiting to get lost in time
Waiting to be one with the universe.

    © Dominik Alexander / 2019

scriptorium_header_046_Pillnitz statue_b

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