Tough Enough

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Always on the brink
May you let that sink
Into an atmosphere
Of any cloudy pair
You may think they care
When knowledge they share
Look it’s bright outside
And the politicians might
Want the public to know
That they care for show
But look too when it’s dark
At night the small dogs bark
Everyone counts their money
The bars filled with milk and honey
Politicians turn into slaves
Two floors up they dance to raves
With colourful hair
Without any dispair
Language isn’t knowledge
Turn your mind to the edge
Cliffs and salty water
Make your life a little shorter
When you think about the stars
Just buy several expensive cars
He died at midnight
Like the old man sighed
About the youth in his street
What they care for and eat
About what they get pissed
About the lady he missed
For years that are gone
He might be possibly done
With politics and fame
It’s basically all the same
From the distance of past
Because money won’t last
When you step over that edge
To fly fly fly and pledge
Your life to the future
This never come creature
Do you still waiting
For Godot lasting
Hope is the evil of man
Politicians do what they can
To keep people believing
Not knowing the evening
Of time we live in
Seldom humans start a revolution
From the zero ground
Do you like that sound
Or do you still care
Do you want to share
Your wisdom with our minds
Do you want us knowing of some kinds
Of injustice and pain
The wealth you can gain
Wouldn’t be rough
Because death will be tough

        © Dominik Alexander / 2020

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