The Clown Grins

Strolling into town
Correcting my heavy crown
Everywhere I look is dust
Updating things I must
Thought the clown and grinned
He saw intelligence get skinned
Zombies of the human race
Laughed stupidly into his face
Because they thought the clown was funny
Instead he is the guy with money
And the only voice
Banning reason into disguise
Acting without second thought
All history must be fought
Tells them the clown
So they can get down
Not with him of course
But with him as the only source
They have to paint the clown with trust
When updating their life he must
He repeats this every day
So day by day their freedom goes away —

But at the end who would have thought
All the clown had said was fraught
With lies and hardly new
Everything was far from true
So stuck deeply into the past
The human zombies woke up at last
Watching the clown sail away
Laughing at them —
Made them pay.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2020

© Pexels (photograph)

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