oh | how much we miss

once upon a time
about three years ago
this image of the setting sun
didn’t tell about the future
about covid nineteen

long walks had been rare
three years ago
i barely made it to six-thousand steps per day
a sunset like this
was easy to miss

when i remember now
about this time in the past
i know for sure
that calmness and inner peace wouldn’t last
for long
perhaps just those three minutes
i allowed myself
to enjoy taking a rest
to set my eyes onto the sun set

back then
about three years ago
we were missing this peace
this calmness
but we didn’t know

today i enjoy my daily walks
this new routine
those easily walked ten-thousand steps

today i enjoy this time
because it’s so much better
than three years ago

and those beautiful sunsets
also happen today.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2021


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  1. Your sunset picture is so beautiful, and yes this situation taught us something unknown to us.

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    1. Thank you so much! Recently, my Google account remembered me about this picture I did three years ago. I tried to remember about the place and the mind-set I have been in back then. So, this little poem evolved.

      I also remembered about what I thought when Corona started off. That maybe we, as the whole Earth society, might learn and change something from it. I thought, it definitely depends on how long this crisis will last. For real change, it needs to last longer, I thought. And it did and does. But unfortunately, I can’t see useful change so far. For me, yes, but not for us as a society. But I’m staying positive. Thus the poem, too 😊


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