The Only Way Is Up

There are abandoned places
You can look at them from home
There are abandoned items
Only seen in the wild
Some of them just hidden
For the moment you pass by
Others beautifully rotten
More and more
As time flies by —

Time flies
And if you go
If you pass by
All that’s left and longing to get found again
Something happens —

If you walk with the time
You take up little pieces
From abandoned places
From abandoned items
You walk by
You pass by
You take with your heart
And you place it into your memory

    { memory :
        { brain — }
        { memory card — }
        { notebook — }
        { voice recorder — }
            — }

You take the pieces
As you go
Just randomly collected atoms of dust
At home
You randomly put them together again
Dust by dust
Piece by piece
Like the puzzle of life —

The only way is up
We like to say
When we refer to the soul
The edge between life and death / eternity —

The only way is here
We can say as well
Because nothing died
When we pass by randomly
From time to time
And look at them
With love.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2021


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