Fifteen Minutes

Fifteen minutes of waiting
    Is there anything changing inside of me?

Fifteen minutes of observing
    Am I going to start being sick?

Fifteen minutes of watching
    Is there anything changing with people around me?

Fifteen minutes of counting
    The seconds on the big provisional clock in the centre of the hall;

Fifteen minutes of writing
    Is it helpful to ignore everything I should do that I mentioned before:

        — W A I T I N G
        — O B S E R V I N G
        — W A T C H I N G
        — C O U N T I N G

Within those fifteen minutes
I’m just writing about it
Without doing it —

Fifteen minutes of writing
    about the fifteen minutes of writing
        in a meta sense of
            w a i t i n g —
            o b s e r v i n g —
            w a t c h i n g —
            c o u n t i n g —
        until I’m free to go
    after those fifteen minutes
After my second dose of BioNTech.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2021

© Gerd Altmann (image)

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