Frolicking With Intent

Frolicking about glimpses of imagination
Passing by the very spot my mind went shut
Seeing tiny unicorns with rainbow tails and golden glitter
But in a blurry distance one technically absurd transmitter
This was the place I almost died —

Those are the words and thoughts of fairytales
When someone’s passed but suddenly the light
Arrives his veins again together with a fight
That brings him back to life
Still closed his eyes then
But breathing already full of confidence and willingness to conquer demons
To reinforce his power —

Those are the incantations of the memory
Increasing brightness sets his time on Earth on fire
What didn’t happen is gone
He knows that
So he goes on in life
Overshadowing the darkness of the mind
Not thinking about what could have been
Important enough not to let in
This highly distracting fear
Frolicking is more than this, my dear
It’s my philosophy.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2022

© Ulrike Leone (image)

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