From Zeynep to Antonia

A few hours ago I learned to concentrate on my breathing
When there are distractions
At some point you realise that you are distracted
And you’re gaining back your focus
While concentrating on your breathing —

Right now, a few hours on
I’m concentrating on another breathing:
The breathing outside
The breathing of our planet Earth
The wind —

It’s still going strong
Is it still Zeynep?
Is it already Antonia?
After all, it doesn’t sound different
But it’s still heavy breathing —

It’s like our planet needs to focus itself
Concentrate on the important things
Is the heavy wind just the heavy breathing of a planet that lost focus?
Are humans too much work? —

Well, of course, they are
That’s not a question
But are they too much for the planet already?
Are those heavy winds just the last sighs
Before the final blow?

        © Dominik Alexander / 2022

© David Mark (image)

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