Late Balcony Evenings

My late balcony evenings had been long past
Until today
I went out with a cigarette
And didn’t enjoy it at all
Thing of the past
Reaching back out on me
What else can you do?
He asked himself
And wondered
What’s going on behind those flickering lights
On the other side of the night
Someone else like him
Might be standing there
Wondering about the same thing
Thinking about his past
Hoping about his future
It’s nihilistic times at night
When you’re alone at home
No-one on the telephone
You can listen to music
But it’s always the same lyrics
About lonesome men lamenting about loneliness
Wanting their girlfriends back
Crying about being lonely
It’s almost funny
Sharing feelings with so many people
It could make for a club
A festival of lonely hearts
If all those self-pittying rogues
Would be kicking themselves up
Rather than throwing themselves down
It’s no depression
When you’ve lost someone
It’s just giving up for some time
That you would never getting back
Smoking kills some grey matter
That’s lost forever
Perhaps that’s for the better
In some cases
Late balcony evenings
Extended to late at night
Way past midnight
Are always about lonesome men
And their lost girls
Smoking cigarettes
To forget
And some might say
What was I supposed to write anyway?

        © Dominik Alexander / 2023

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