Sonnet #36: Earthquake

Too long it takes to realize the pain
For those who suffer death comes within seconds
Through earthquakes there is not much more to gain
Then beg for help as president he reckons
May’t be the Turkish or the Syrian
It doesn’t matter which dictator rules
The most destroyed is no criterion
Because there hardly was an intact school
Before the catastrophic quake hit people
Who make no difference between us and them
And whether it be minaret or steeple
Rojava, Kurds and Turks are human stem
        Up north we fight each other with own weapons
        Down south the nature hits us within seconds.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2023

I rarely link to Wikipedia but in this case it’s useful for understanding the extent of the earthquake and its aftermath:
2023 Turkey–Syria earthquakes.

If you like to donate, go to the German based nonprofit organisation
medico international e.V. The money will go directly where it’s needed, esp. the Kurdish Red Crescent.

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