Strawberry Dance

Expressing my feelings with a strawberry dance
        In between shifts of knowledge and hope
Swinging my hooked knife like a samurai
                Nude as I am on my wet balcony
Dancing with me are the snowflakes that touch
                        Warm skin and icy eyelids rhythmically blinking
Avoiding any stereotypical moves at all
                                Some might call it dance of a madman
I’m simply calling it strawberry dance
                                        Because the colour red is rarely seen
Except for there
                                                Can you see it?
Right therrre in the verrry farrrr distance
                                                        No, don’t stay in horizon height
Do the little strawberry dance with me
                                                                Lift your chin and look right there
Where the sun might supposed to be
        Don’t see with your eyes
Try to see with your mind
                Yeah, alright, see with your heart then
That’s pretty okay by the way and as well
                        Might open your soul to the neighbouring galaxies
Transfer the idea of the strawberry
                                It’s the universal currency
Only transfered with dancing nude on a winter balcony on Sundays
                                        Yeah, that’s true
Of course, you can say it, so it’s true
                                                Do the little strawberry dance
Get mad with me and prepare for Monday
                                                        Oh, and by the way:
The strawberry flavour comes with liqueur and tea
                                                                For the real deal I have to wait until summer.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2023

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