On the Street to Everywhere Else

There is always a path in life we walk on
Self chosen?
We are swept out to a puddle
        crawl and swim
                trying not to stay under water
When we made it to solid ground
        we are taken by hand and pulled forward
Taken not led
                dragged somewhere
                        we don’t know we don’t want to be
It doesn’t matter anyway
        because we can’t know where we want to be
                if all the places we know
                        are known to people
                                we hardly know

How can we know
Where the places are
The gardens we like to play in
The heavens we like to see?

It’s up to ourselves
        to keep our minds open
                within our dreams
Deep in the forest of night
        there will always be a light
                that leads us to our place
                        that asks us
Do you like to be here?
Write down your dreams
Free yourself
And then
        take your notebook as a guardian
                to find your place of your dreams
                        to make it your reality.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2023

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