Quixotic Soliloquy

In my dreams I’m always riding along the waving shores
The water tastes salty on my lips and makes me shiver
Because the sun made way for the night a few hours before
Would I have felt this way along the mighty river?

I don’t believe that this time is made for knights like me
The heroes of today are the two-dimensionals from the blueish screens
When I halt my horse to take a moment and try to see
There’s only darkness out there in the night it seems

But let’s be honest, I’m also just a stupid man
Because I try to reach my goal without my vision
I’m so convinced that someone has to see what I can
Without me showing anything except for the excision.

Riding towards windmills is one thing. The other thing would be doing that when the sun is shining and on a horse. Instead, I’m walking at night. I won’t see the windmills – none of them – even if I’m standing in front of them or walking past them just a few feet away. Venus is simply too bight up there. I’m connecting with her. Trying to catch the light, collect it in my eyes to see with it.

It doesn’t work this way.

Humans aren’t able to collect light to use it at night. Well, they might be able. But evolution isn’t ready and not that fast. At least, not for my own lifetime. Humans might adapt. If nature let them.

What about the windmills, though? They will stand there forever, waiting for all the other quixotic dreamers coming after me.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2023

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