Night Pilgrim

turn dark
make me shiver
come for me my night

finally there is
the purple sky
longing for
the dark

i go
outside alone
far away from home
with a pilgrim’s mission

there is a moon and there is me
it seems we are both together
i see him and i imagine
that he can see me too

when we are young
we see the man on the moon
his gentle face never moving
just observing where we’re going

now that we’re a little older
the moon sight feels colder
we are less afraid though
walking in the dark

searching in the city
for a place without lights
going to a secret place in the woods
climbing a tree there to the highest top

this is the place where we’re close to the moon
we face each other like never before
he’s still the same for years
whereever we go he’s here

while good things won’t ever last
this twosome of me and the moon are past
far beyond midnight when the sun climbs up the sky
while i sigh deeply turn once more and wave the moon good bye.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2023

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