Wait! Did You Really Call Me a Taxi?

I like it here
With my wisdom in a sphere
Of blue and green
Haven’t you seen
The colours of the sand
In that shift of a land
Between soil and sea
Can’t you see
What matters most
Perhaps you’ve been lost
For so long
My mind wasn’t strong
It wanted attention
And got suspension
From family and friends
But imagination attempts
To suggest what you wish
Then the brain prepares a dish
That looks tasty and good
In the end there was no food
Just the power of self-destruction
At least you could find satisfaction
From the image on the wall
Standing there bright and tall
Looking at you from the mirror;

So, now, I’m here
Ready to tear
My memory into the past
Where it’ll hopefully last
The darkness is gone
And my desire strong
To dive deep from the shore
To observe the core
From the waters unseen
I’m really that keen
Singling out what’s new
And fabulously true
To the inner sense
Without borders or any fence
My mind knows no boundaries
There are just tiny accessories
Swept into the thought
But here they’re just drought
And dried back to the soil
Where they lastly grow another foil
For the living and the dead
It would be sad
And a self-fulfilling prophecy
Can’t you see the discrepancy
Between here and there?

Please, call it off
I don’t need that stuff
The signs of civilization
Because imagination
Is enough to fulfil
And that’s not a drill
My longing for the colourful sea
Grant the taxi driver his fee
Take my money and go
Leave me here in my flow
To enjoy the wisdom of the water
And take it as a starter
For a better life without fear
Take it from me, my dear
There is more down there than we know
Because up here is just a show
Let the taxi go and breathe
With me and avoid to seethe
Enjoy the music of the whistling ocean
Allow yourself that glooming emotion
That only grows with a present mind
Let go of the civilization of some kind
Dive with me deep down into the greenish blue
Let me take your hand to lead you through
The most satisfying existence.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2023

Early this year, Friedrich Zettl came to my website, read something he liked and commented on it. Comments are the top tier of having a blog or website. And I’m always happy about any comment that’s from a genuine person. In return, I had a few looks on his own website and was stunned by all the great paintings. I thought, I could write a poem based on one of the paintings. Right after I thought it, Friedrich asked this question: Do you like to collaborate? Of course, I wanted! So I did.

The painting I used is called Saat 70 which means “seed” and I found it in his posting new works in abstract surrealism. Seed can be related to a new beginning or a new idea. It needs space to spread or just a new surrounding to bloom. Since the painting for me looks like being under water, looking up to the surface, I had an image resp. a story in mind for the very poem.

Hope, you all enjoy, the painting and the poem. And if you like to get some writing inspiration, just click yourself to Friedrich’s Zettlblog!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. A reflection on the picture that I like a lot! Thank you for taking the time and presenting your personal view and feeling about the image. I will present the poem on my blog on Saturday. Sincerely! Friedrich

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    1. Thank you, Friedrich. It’s my pleasure and I had much fun while writing it and above that: looking and reflecting about your painting. Within your portfolio I mostly like the water paintings with all those colours. There is hardly anything better than the combination of green and blue. Looking forward to what your community has to say about my take on it.

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  2. I find the whole idea very refreshing. Maybe I should think about painting something for one of your poems? Would be quite an exciting challenge.

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    1. I’d love that. Would be honoured and excited!


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