Coronation? What Coronation?

Some people still think
That ignorance is a superpower

Well, it isn’t

Because when you don’t care about something
But don’t speak about it
People will assume
That your silence is an act
Of humble admiration
Of loved dedication
To that something
You aren’t able to add something meaningful
So you silently enjoy

People will always assume
But rarely it fits to the mirror
When you look at it

It’s coronation day

They say
The newspapers tell us
People all over the world are watching
Enjoying the show
Taking in the glow
Wishing they would live in corona-nation

Pardon me

Well then
Here I’m gonna tell it:
I couldn’t care less
Because I’ve got better things to do
Thinking about the victims of the kingdom
The fact that this family still believes
They received their power from god
By an imagined being
A fairytale
Kingdom —

        {by the way, it was never called Queendom
        only their anthemn is purposely switched}

— citizens live in a fantasy
In a tale in which Brexit is reality


Keep your coronation
Take your island
Drift towards the North Pole
And sense there
My feelings towards you

You wanted your Brexit
So you could feel special again
You really deserve your coronation
And your old king
He’s the spitting image of what you are
Ancient and cold
Isolated and bold
Thinking you are still
The crown of the Earth
With power at your will


Is just the tip of your iceberg
That you’re sitting on
But beneath the surface of the water
Is nothing more than your history
That you’re hiding under your purple carpet

What coronation?

The beginning of the end
Of your imagined destiny.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2023

4 Comments Add yours

  1. JMN says:

    I share your jaundiced view of the British monarchy. Your blog makes me wish I read German fluently. Also inspires envy at how you write (at least) two languages well! Your leading phrase on the delusion of ignorance being a superpower reminded me of a favorite passage from an essay of Louise Glück. With your indulgence I share it here: “… Contemporary opinion rushes to present itself as the intelligent alternative to ignorance: our task is to somehow insulate ourselves from opinion in its terminal forms, verdict and directive, while still retaining alert receptiveness to useful criticism.” Kind regards.


    1. Thanks for your comment and the quote. It’s a great and true one. Thanks for sharing! My English isn’t perfect, esp. not when I need to speak. I usually make up a lot of vocabulary from Latin or Greek origin when I’m missing the right one. Writing is better when you know your grammar. So you can search for rhymes or certain words online. Best regards to you as well!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Zexos says:

    Thank you for using my image from Pixabay 🙂 It works really well with your poem.

    Ignorance is the power in full effect in culture at large. Not only do people block out their own emotions and inner most soul but they also numb out the “Real” problems that are happening in the world.

    The so called King’s rise to the throne is nothing more then a show for the masses of by gone times. Then again, the suffering in the streets of people living from meal to meal and the elite ruling it over them while telling those poor peasants to wave their flags with glee…really does seem like a flash back to much much older times.

    Britain needs a wake up call. The masses need a wake up call. There is only so long that you can live in illusion. At some point it will fade away and in its place, the truth will be shown. Much to the masses shock and horror.

    The problem is that when the illusion starts to fade, they try to fire up another one to take its place. That is where awareness comes in.

    Great poem. I showed it to my friend and she said it was fantastic.

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    1. Cheers, Zexos! Not only for your image (which I instantly liked because it perfectly fitted to the poem) but also for coming here to read, comment and even show it to your friend. I feel honoured.

      I think, the biggest problem today is the promotion of alcoholic beverages. They numb and dumb the people’s brains and minds. This is to keep the people quiet on a large level. It’s like already the ancient Romans did: panem et circenses. Nothing has changed on the long road of human history. But we also know that hope is the last thing that will die.

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