Find Me Some Faith

Find me some hope
Riding my bicycle
Through this storm in a tea cup
Riding this hill up
To see some wisdom

Find me some peace
Riding my bicycle
Towards the Sun looking up
To the only building top
That’s still standing

Find me some dream
Riding my bicycle
It’s always back in time, this crop
Called crown of creation
Embracing stupidity

Find me some joy
Riding my bicycle
Along the streets with no cars
There are several scars
Across the byway

Find me some love
Riding my bicycle
With you to the end of the rainbow
This picture appearing again
Struggling with feelings

Find me some faith
Riding my bicycle
To the people who aren’t born yet
They’re not supposed to live
At the daylight.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2020

© djedj (photograph)

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