By a Landslide

Life could be so easy

How many times do we use this phrase
Every week —
Every day —

What are we wishing for?
Peace —
Wisdom —
Common knowledge —
One universal language —
Progress without challenges —

Do you think the last point doesn’t fit to the line?

Think twice
Because every single point mentioned
Is pointless —
Delusional —
Unrealistic —

If life would be easy

What would we do?
What were Adam and Eve doing?
They broke the law
Because they were bored to death
While couldn’t die

Eternal life
Why on Earth get monotheistic religions so many followers with the promise of
Eternal Life
After death —

Imagine an election
One candidate promises his people
Eternal boredom
His counterpart would get elected
By a landslide

If life would be easy

Without challenges
We would realise
How pointless life would be

Wars are cruel —

Killing people is terrible —

Of course
Injustice makes our blood boil —

Wars —
Killing and
Injustice —
Bring people together
And most importantly
Make us think about other things
Than ourselves —

What does it mean
When we say

Life could be so easy

Or is it what it is
Just a phrase
Mentioned out of boredom?

Life could be so easy

When we don’t think —
When we don’t interact with other people —

I know
When people sigh

Life could be so easy

They are reflecting
About what could be
With all the knowledge out there —
With all the friendships —
With the beauty of nature —
With love —

But all those things we only acknowledge
Because we know their counterparts:

Without hate
We wouldn’t know about love —

Without stupidity
We wouldn’t know about wisdom —

Without ugliness
We wouldn’t know about beauty —

Life could be so easy

Life would be so easy

Life should be so easy

By a landslide.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2020

© Reimund Bertrams (image)

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