The evening is cold
Even more in Summer
When people are everywhere
On the streets
In the parks
Under my balcony
Together with their voices
With their laughing
And their language
Don’t tell me about their language —

I still try to ignore
The foul one
The vulgar one
The terrible jokes
The witless banter
The social media chats
Without punctuation
More and more icons
Instead of letters
Words or even
Sentences —

When I wouldn’t cry
I would laugh
When I wouldn’t laugh
I would cry
And I would still try
To get a tiny bit of inspiration
Out of the sound
The noise
From the human civilization
As you can read
From this very poem
Just sound
And when I read it
Out loud
It’s noise
And you just wasted
Five minutes of your life
From reading
Or listening —

I apologize.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2021

© Pete Linforth (image)

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