waiting for the sirens

do these people know
who thoughtlessly go
through the museum halls
between those marvellous walls
that the sirens arrive
one hour before five
sooner than later
don’t be such a hater
at the full hour
outside runs a shower
havoc might be too late
for the waiting mate
he’s expecting not much
but will he be such
a structured mind
of the soon expected kind
of music?

fortunately he’s gay
so the sirens won’t have their way
their voices won’t harm him

it’s already after the hour
outside the immense shower
is still raining strong
don’t get me wrong
the sirens tried to get through
but the technical crew
failed here and there
there were a mere
interruption in reciting of book twelve
of the odyssee
one siren on the screen
was seen
but not heard sometimes

conceptual art doesn’t work for the hour
it’s the one time only performance
that stays in mind
every time different
a spectacle of this kind
needs the live experience
not preserved
with movies from twenty years ago
there are things
that can’t be reproduced
the best experiences are
unplanned action and deeds
not well planted seeds

he waited for the sirens
but they didn’t appear.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2023

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