Apollon On the Moon

for an instance
        you take part in a project
will you object
                the failure into fame
will you tame
                        your emotions
into helpful notions
                                or will you blame
all the others
                                        but yourself

you might be the one then
        whom they like to send again
with or without a suitcase
                just in case
the mission deliberately fails
                        so your trails
reach back to EARTH
                                when you need to stay on the MOON

APOLLON is a hunter
        like his sister
but the pair in dispair
                misses the point
when it comes to finish a mission
                        they go on and on and on
until everyone died in the process
                                everyone else
                                        and his sister
so the might end up
                                sending him to the MOON
into the light
                        where he can start beginning
setting his sight
                back to the EARTH
to fulfill what just started
        when humans have been
barely a thought.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2023

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