It always starts with love within our hearts
The sorting of the burdens dims the lights
From right to left we’re shuffling all the cards
And hope something remains that souls ignites

We’re moving forward here but leave for good
Opinions close to history and past
With haughty pride we will ignore but should
At least consider them for our cast

The wind grows cold with time moves forward soon
The sky lost all its blueish innocence
When everyone leaves work at afternoon
The other side will dig reconnaissance

Behind those colours dark appears a shadow
The image of a church that’s standing tall
If only minds would not appear so hollow
Society could last and wouldn’t fall

The Sun is falling deep beneath the walls
Though shining hope still wants to share its piece
Until the night come crawling up with calls
By racist enemies that could increase

The ancient buildings of a distant time
Collected memories remain in silence
They will unsee the images of crime
When people fall in streets through bloody violence

Alone the tender blossoms of the night
The sparkling glitter from the sea shell foam
How strange those mirrors form another sight
When lovers through this hidden darkness roam

Call miracles the wisdom of the heart
The water only runs so deeply there
Be careful what you wish for being part
Of dangerous and meaningless affair

The flooded water bed appears ashamed
This heart left broken here with memories
Too dark to get erased or get them tamed
Instead they will live on for centuries.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2021

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